Saturday, March 27, 2010


Hello. My name is Bobbie. I'm the Simmered Down Student Mommy.

I watched a great movie yesterday. It took me just about the entire day at the store to watch. It was "Motherhood" with Uma Thurman, Minnie Driver, and Anthony Edwards.

I loved it! It made me laugh out-loud and chuckle deep belly chuckles. I found myself nodding my head and thinking - YES! I know EXACTLY what you mean! This is definitely going on my "to buy when I get to the pawn shop" list.

I'm a full time college student for the first time at the age of 41 1/2. I'm on my second semester working towards a BA in Business.

I'm divorced. I have 5 children. This past December I opened a Scrapbook and Rubber Stamp store.

I'm a bit nuts. I don't sleep much. I live with my boyfriend, my youngest daughter, my dog, my cat, and my 2 bonus kids (boyfriends kids).

Whew! Just writing all that I need a nap. Or another dose of Prozac.

Respectfully yours,
Simmered Down Student Mommy

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  1. Hi Bobbie:
    you didn't leave an email contact, so I hop you check your blog messages!

    Thank you for purchasing the fundraiser set - since you ahave spread the word to your facebook friends, I would be happy to have you visit my blog post again and leave another short message, so that you have an extra chance in my blog candy draw.

    Don't forget to check back on October 1!

    Thanks so much!